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Of course, you realize that the issue isn’t only to order the best plants and trees in, the issue is really getting the best deal and service all together. THE BEST DEAL We hope that our passion and love for plants turns you into a satisfied customer. Our aim has always been to engage in long term relationships and only by supplying you with top quality plants can we achieve this. This focus on quality seeps through all aspects of our business in maintenance, selection of suppliers, double checks before dispatch, packaging, cash flow and communication with all parties involved for a successful deliverance of your top-quality planting. FOCUS ON QUALITY Meaning that you waste as little time possible calling and emailing all your suppliers and having more time to do what you’re good at. This is one of great things about Nederhoff-Plants, we will supply complete projects, size for size and bottom to top as a one stop shop ensuring you the best deal, saving you time and delivering top quality plants.